You've got no room for eyes boldly went through deep in my heart

22. listopadu 2011 v 8:38
The noise of the Sun all the way, weary to drink up and down by the wind of the branches. Get enough sleep a day of the Moon, from the distant bamboo gently climbing up on the couch, it like water Na Yingying's eyes, of sleepy quietly over the Earth.

Table lamp in my Ko lit book, attack Feng Qin Han rain, mouth Tang poem song CI, bent over at the side of Mexican waves rolling inkstone, salvage precipitated the Millennium sculpture multi color. Scholars in the face of this table cooking long poem short words, I filled the upper light ink, enjoy the beauty of words, shallow drunk in the ancient rhythms of the written word.

Poetry season has passed, flying heart began landing in a sober thinking.

Do something about it? I have read the wind, read rain and read all over Castle Peak, read a stream. So, slam my hand a miss, along the junction of August, go to land of my heart, picks young hoe, bitter I text, long seeding barren fields.

In August, the temperature of this love, yearning of ironing I fold. A unit attached to the trend, over me all of a sudden heart of long beach.

Looking back, that yesterday's happy, bounce, break into my arms. I took what comfort you, I love? Under the Acacia tree, we revisit the romance secret. Flowers, in the open. Grass, green. My tongue in restlessness, melt your pale lipstick.

Wind, face down on the wall RS Gold; month, hid in the cloud. On your static I linger in the us, the time had stopped breathing. You've got no room for eyes, boldly went through deep in my heart, filled with passionate text; I use boiling, you on the colorful heart, wrote the red flowers and green lines.

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