Went into low of eaves pushed a fan wood door a between low wet

9. listopadu 2011 v 2:38
I told my friend to stay in the country at a time, and come back this evening at the time, when I first opened to a small village, vehicle broke down. When suddenly it began to rain, rain had wet clothes, we had to hide farmhouse next to the approach under shelter from rain.

Went into low of eaves, pushed a fan wood door, a between low wet of housing rendering in eyes, a Zhang crude of Eight Immortals table, several Zhang small wood stool, one Granny lying in a Zhang bamboo chair Shang, one small girl is fire Cook rice, another one small girl is in wash , desktop Shang placed with a only Hurricane oil lamp, stove Shang messy to placed with Bowl gourd, may is was rain soaked has, small girl playing a box matches are is zoned finished, are no lit firewood, rolling of smoke from focal door emission to, choked was Chair Shang of Granny straight cough, This is a poor children left home.

See this little girl of difficult ignition, lighter I took possession and handed over said: this was intended for you.Little girl gratefully received lighter and lit firewood Cheapest WOW Gold, flames glowing red face came out of the little girl, glitter glitter eyes are particularly beautiful.

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