unran has a tall and handsome good looks with bushy eyebrows

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Junran has a tall and handsome good looks, with bushy eyebrows and large eyes in the touzhe soldiers of fortitude, was a police officer school police officers.

Junran also wrote a beautiful calligraphy, and beautiful hand writing, is the object of thought dapple of Apple girlhood admired.

Spare time, baritone in likes to hear junran magnetic reflections, like reading junran wrote an article, like junran agile analysis.

In short, when thinking of and junran, is a perfect match between a man and a girl, uranium conspiracy, the, swaddled couple, to the future with a vision.

Didn't expect is that their fathers were enemies.

Be encountered in Qiong Yao's novels in plot, SI and junran met, so that two people suddenly seem bewildering, touch less control.

Two fathers far baganzidabuzhe, how do we know? SI and junran very confused.

Junran father during the original laisiyi father sitting point the place responsible for, both because busy noise, natural thought Yee and junran two adults will not agree.

Now in big trouble, talk over there, here's threats and promises, SI father found junran units led conversation.

SI Yee's father is junran leader boss, junran leadership carried live, had advised junran let go.

SI every day at work, father in the ideological beside bodyguards, surveillance look 's operations, so that the two were unable to meet.

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