Perhaps pain get carried away often wandering to see you

15. listopadu 2011 v 3:08
You always like to step on the waves of sorrow, life on a great say in a letter, and then gently rub pieces of white paper, then, is a picture of ecstasy, and go in their own space. You say, dream Cheap WOW Gold, there's something, I do not say, you know? I said, I understand, so you don't have to say.

Time is like worrying too much, the good memories into a wisp of Breeze, and drift off into the distance, while some relentless pain burn forever in my heart, I was extremely reluctant to go to touch. As cool as you everything on the face of it, bones were buried another ultimate die young, because in your words, I do not see the Sun, once dropped, is a dark, dank heart.

Perhaps pain get carried away, often wandering to see you on the edge of night and dawn, defended the screens in silence until dawn is lit on the horizon, stealth receded. You are always so quiet look, never bother, never say, lying in my world, perforating the man inside. You say, dreams, see you happy, I feel at ease, you happy, so I am happy.

Seasons, and the year, you are miles away from me, silently blessing me, however, long distance, I close it? I carefully read your letter to me when the article birthday guest, sight has been stopped at "cold smoke" here, I did not know that the smoke will be cold. I cannot catch your words in mind, fantasy, if it is cold, does it mean, the heart is cold?

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