Many beautiful always inadvertently slips from my fingertips

15. listopadu 2011 v 3:12
Flower fell, in fact, regardless of the season. Very often are confused in their own lives, unable to find a better reason not to think about what others think of their own irrelevant things. Road still are that way, when the number of years past, from the past and farther, it can no longer search. So think of that to reach his dream, go to find a long lost heart, look at the peach blossoms are still smiling spring? Who can retain those flowers, let the faint scent of gut wrenching melancholy, is also recalled that a hint of rain, our pressure the street scene, Yingying leaves! And I was doing the most boring thing in the world, free flower fell, only sad memories. Ancient people always say, Jhy hard water, remove of wushan is not a cloud. Glass is only played on the end of this story should have props, who for whom Qing XING cooking wine, for whom plum rains who was cold, for whom yidaijiankuan who does not regret, for whom drops are tears in Acacia mangium who threw red bean, who who is not yet opened up chunliuchunhuaman art building?
Many beautiful always inadvertently slips from my fingertips, vaguely reminds ear always listen constantly Ding Ling. Cannot flower fell without sad sad, there's always sad to "I am not a person, is a passer" decadence. Wind dust flowers made from each other, and looking back. How many people will look at "rolling East passing the Yangtze River water, spray waves", how many people know that "success and failure will be turn empty land remains the same, sunset red". So, I also want to learn the ancient, through the river of sunset circle of mobei, mountain birds fly the vast field west of that day, walked ten miles south of fragrant lotus flowers. Dinner evening breeze drink the morning dew, solitary months sleeping pillow in Songtao, wandering in the rain, seems to be only beginning and no end. Occasionally think of time, tears still wet skirt, what kind of enthusiasm is as fun. I still could not can't make it to the now boring life, cycles, many things are always beyond, lofty sentiments and aspirations of the retreat had in the past, killing the passion, leaving lost lives. Many things still was rushed too hastily

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