Just half an hour away is 0 o'clock when the bell rings

15. listopadu 2011 v 3:10
Early winter nights, has always been cold, cold people tremble the RS Gold, it's in moments like this, I finally got to this day, once again, your tenderness, long time cannot be mitigated.

Is still the ear sounds, sweet, gentle, do not remember how many times this fantasy scenario, or even always struggled to understand why before you has been so overwhelming, summary, has never answered any one call. When creating a fear when I reply to cold, slowly under the familiar numbers drowned in the hundreds, no longer review.

Just half an hour away is 0 o'clock when the bell rings, I thought it was an illusion, half waking, half concerns, weak-weak. Only the first you heard the saying, 0 o'clock I countdown, let you have a special birthday. Heart, suddenly been emptied out, come had lost all my thoughts, a lengthy silence began the prelude.

It turns out that you always remember the day that they think at the earliest time, send the most punctual blessing, forest, a happy birthday. This blessing, melt all my grievances and bear patiently, right now, in addition to moving, but what is? Maybe, I don't really know you well intentioned, walking day and night in front of the missing, dilemma, even if you would like to lend a hand, but, even though we are apart so far away, and how should they keep me warm?

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