I do not know when the habit habits on a full moon night

9. listopadu 2011 v 2:36
Crevice hung the moon through the tree down, wash gentle night, silver covered with a layer of broken earth, wind, and I've got to pull tight clothes.

I do not know when the habit habits, on a full moon night, walking with the community landscape River, like milk powder, in the Moonlight enjoying twilight sky, watching the sky with stars and reflect each other a myriad twinkling lights, was relaxed and happy.

I doing nothing, points support smoke, ignited around died General of falls silence, open memory of gate, those soul led by dream around of past as spits out of smoke ring, looming, instinct to open finger clenched and release, delusion to had of better seize gathered Yu Palm, save into heart most cares of local forever collection, however that ups and downs in mind of Miss with with smoke floating floating curl upwards, on like swing swing, flew to and fly far has, scattered has sth

Gradually, my eyes

Whenever the afterglow of sunset to WA fangdian plating on ornate Golden Cheap Gold for WOW, we will hand in hand to meet the last rays of the evening run together, laughing together, sing along forever

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