I do not know how to read tears turbulent shed eye cheek

3. listopadu 2011 v 1:48
Where I go to her work, but not her message, only know that she long ago has quit his job. Next, I wander in the city every day, to every corner find her shadow, in the place that she used to like, there are signs we place.Looked at that, she all flashed before my eyes. One day, a classmate found me Cheapest WOW Gold, gave me some of her things, including her last letter: "I have been unable to write to you again, this is the last words I leave, I am sure you will come back. I didn't tell you, when I found out that when cancer, also leaving three months of time to me, that's enough. But I do not regret it, to meet you, this is sufficient. I remember the day I found you, standing under the eaves you, when you face with sorrow, I do not know how I want to go to nearly any idea, as you walk around, I was so happy. When we meet again in the library, I believe that when God you are my fate,,,,,, in the time when we together, is difficult to forget the memories of my life, even if you separate the two, I will take this chance, always bless you. "

I do not know how to read, tears turbulent shed eye cheek, you know. I like you, when it comes to your time, I would have liked you, how much I hated that, I can't be with you this sentence "I like you. "

In front of Windows through a little bright moon shadow, cool Moonlight, bring my thoughts to faraway tianfang you, you're doing?

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