Listopad 2011

You've got no room for eyes boldly went through deep in my heart

22. listopadu 2011 v 8:38
The noise of the Sun all the way, weary to drink up and down by the wind of the branches. Get enough sleep a day of the Moon, from the distant bamboo gently climbing up on the couch, it like water Na Yingying's eyes, of sleepy quietly over the Earth.

Table lamp in my Ko lit book, attack Feng Qin Han rain, mouth Tang poem song CI, bent over at the side of Mexican waves rolling inkstone, salvage precipitated the Millennium sculpture multi color. Scholars in the face of this table cooking long poem short words, I filled the upper light ink, enjoy the beauty of words, shallow drunk in the ancient rhythms of the written word.

Poetry season has passed, flying heart began landing in a sober thinking.

Do something about it? I have read the wind, read rain and read all over Castle Peak, read a stream. So, slam my hand a miss, along the junction of August, go to land of my heart, picks young hoe, bitter I text, long seeding barren fields.

In August, the temperature of this love, yearning of ironing I fold. A unit attached to the trend, over me all of a sudden heart of long beach.

Looking back, that yesterday's happy, bounce, break into my arms. I took what comfort you, I love? Under the Acacia tree, we revisit the romance secret. Flowers, in the open. Grass, green. My tongue in restlessness, melt your pale lipstick.

Wind, face down on the wall RS Gold; month, hid in the cloud. On your static I linger in the us, the time had stopped breathing. You've got no room for eyes, boldly went through deep in my heart, filled with passionate text; I use boiling, you on the colorful heart, wrote the red flowers and green lines.

Many beautiful always inadvertently slips from my fingertips

15. listopadu 2011 v 3:12
Flower fell, in fact, regardless of the season. Very often are confused in their own lives, unable to find a better reason not to think about what others think of their own irrelevant things. Road still are that way, when the number of years past, from the past and farther, it can no longer search. So think of that to reach his dream, go to find a long lost heart, look at the peach blossoms are still smiling spring? Who can retain those flowers, let the faint scent of gut wrenching melancholy, is also recalled that a hint of rain, our pressure the street scene, Yingying leaves! And I was doing the most boring thing in the world, free flower fell, only sad memories. Ancient people always say, Jhy hard water, remove of wushan is not a cloud. Glass is only played on the end of this story should have props, who for whom Qing XING cooking wine, for whom plum rains who was cold, for whom yidaijiankuan who does not regret, for whom drops are tears in Acacia mangium who threw red bean, who who is not yet opened up chunliuchunhuaman art building?
Many beautiful always inadvertently slips from my fingertips, vaguely reminds ear always listen constantly Ding Ling. Cannot flower fell without sad sad, there's always sad to "I am not a person, is a passer" decadence. Wind dust flowers made from each other, and looking back. How many people will look at "rolling East passing the Yangtze River water, spray waves", how many people know that "success and failure will be turn empty land remains the same, sunset red". So, I also want to learn the ancient, through the river of sunset circle of mobei, mountain birds fly the vast field west of that day, walked ten miles south of fragrant lotus flowers. Dinner evening breeze drink the morning dew, solitary months sleeping pillow in Songtao, wandering in the rain, seems to be only beginning and no end. Occasionally think of time, tears still wet skirt, what kind of enthusiasm is as fun. I still could not can't make it to the now boring life, cycles, many things are always beyond, lofty sentiments and aspirations of the retreat had in the past, killing the passion, leaving lost lives. Many things still was rushed too hastily

Just half an hour away is 0 o'clock when the bell rings

15. listopadu 2011 v 3:10
Early winter nights, has always been cold, cold people tremble the RS Gold, it's in moments like this, I finally got to this day, once again, your tenderness, long time cannot be mitigated.

Is still the ear sounds, sweet, gentle, do not remember how many times this fantasy scenario, or even always struggled to understand why before you has been so overwhelming, summary, has never answered any one call. When creating a fear when I reply to cold, slowly under the familiar numbers drowned in the hundreds, no longer review.

Just half an hour away is 0 o'clock when the bell rings, I thought it was an illusion, half waking, half concerns, weak-weak. Only the first you heard the saying, 0 o'clock I countdown, let you have a special birthday. Heart, suddenly been emptied out, come had lost all my thoughts, a lengthy silence began the prelude.

It turns out that you always remember the day that they think at the earliest time, send the most punctual blessing, forest, a happy birthday. This blessing, melt all my grievances and bear patiently, right now, in addition to moving, but what is? Maybe, I don't really know you well intentioned, walking day and night in front of the missing, dilemma, even if you would like to lend a hand, but, even though we are apart so far away, and how should they keep me warm?

Perhaps pain get carried away often wandering to see you

15. listopadu 2011 v 3:08
You always like to step on the waves of sorrow, life on a great say in a letter, and then gently rub pieces of white paper, then, is a picture of ecstasy, and go in their own space. You say, dream Cheap WOW Gold, there's something, I do not say, you know? I said, I understand, so you don't have to say.

Time is like worrying too much, the good memories into a wisp of Breeze, and drift off into the distance, while some relentless pain burn forever in my heart, I was extremely reluctant to go to touch. As cool as you everything on the face of it, bones were buried another ultimate die young, because in your words, I do not see the Sun, once dropped, is a dark, dank heart.

Perhaps pain get carried away, often wandering to see you on the edge of night and dawn, defended the screens in silence until dawn is lit on the horizon, stealth receded. You are always so quiet look, never bother, never say, lying in my world, perforating the man inside. You say, dreams, see you happy, I feel at ease, you happy, so I am happy.

Seasons, and the year, you are miles away from me, silently blessing me, however, long distance, I close it? I carefully read your letter to me when the article birthday guest, sight has been stopped at "cold smoke" here, I did not know that the smoke will be cold. I cannot catch your words in mind, fantasy, if it is cold, does it mean, the heart is cold?

My heart still in whose world pass

9. listopadu 2011 v 2:38
If you did it after he I can thoroughly forgotten you So I'd rather all your memories Clear up this glass of water be unruffled by emotion As long as when I wake up tomorrow then Was still covered with brilliant sunshine And I treasured photos you unchanged smile Won't have no way of blurred my sight After fate My heart still in whose world pass Autumn rains such as woolly days I will page sentimental mood Writing after rubbing crushed Whenever you suddenly want to cry Lost in the rain is my best place to That moment in the rain curtain sad no one would see

Went into low of eaves pushed a fan wood door a between low wet

9. listopadu 2011 v 2:38
I told my friend to stay in the country at a time, and come back this evening at the time, when I first opened to a small village, vehicle broke down. When suddenly it began to rain, rain had wet clothes, we had to hide farmhouse next to the approach under shelter from rain.

Went into low of eaves, pushed a fan wood door, a between low wet of housing rendering in eyes, a Zhang crude of Eight Immortals table, several Zhang small wood stool, one Granny lying in a Zhang bamboo chair Shang, one small girl is fire Cook rice, another one small girl is in wash , desktop Shang placed with a only Hurricane oil lamp, stove Shang messy to placed with Bowl gourd, may is was rain soaked has, small girl playing a box matches are is zoned finished, are no lit firewood, rolling of smoke from focal door emission to, choked was Chair Shang of Granny straight cough, This is a poor children left home.

See this little girl of difficult ignition, lighter I took possession and handed over said: this was intended for you.Little girl gratefully received lighter and lit firewood Cheapest WOW Gold, flames glowing red face came out of the little girl, glitter glitter eyes are particularly beautiful.

I do not know when the habit habits on a full moon night

9. listopadu 2011 v 2:36
Crevice hung the moon through the tree down, wash gentle night, silver covered with a layer of broken earth, wind, and I've got to pull tight clothes.

I do not know when the habit habits, on a full moon night, walking with the community landscape River, like milk powder, in the Moonlight enjoying twilight sky, watching the sky with stars and reflect each other a myriad twinkling lights, was relaxed and happy.

I doing nothing, points support smoke, ignited around died General of falls silence, open memory of gate, those soul led by dream around of past as spits out of smoke ring, looming, instinct to open finger clenched and release, delusion to had of better seize gathered Yu Palm, save into heart most cares of local forever collection, however that ups and downs in mind of Miss with with smoke floating floating curl upwards, on like swing swing, flew to and fly far has, scattered has sth

Gradually, my eyes

Whenever the afterglow of sunset to WA fangdian plating on ornate Golden Cheap Gold for WOW, we will hand in hand to meet the last rays of the evening run together, laughing together, sing along forever

unran has a tall and handsome good looks with bushy eyebrows

3. listopadu 2011 v 1:52
Junran has a tall and handsome good looks, with bushy eyebrows and large eyes in the touzhe soldiers of fortitude, was a police officer school police officers.

Junran also wrote a beautiful calligraphy, and beautiful hand writing, is the object of thought dapple of Apple girlhood admired.

Spare time, baritone in likes to hear junran magnetic reflections, like reading junran wrote an article, like junran agile analysis.

In short, when thinking of and junran, is a perfect match between a man and a girl, uranium conspiracy, the, swaddled couple, to the future with a vision.

Didn't expect is that their fathers were enemies.

Be encountered in Qiong Yao's novels in plot, SI and junran met, so that two people suddenly seem bewildering, touch less control.

Two fathers far baganzidabuzhe, how do we know? SI and junran very confused.

Junran father during the original laisiyi father sitting point the place responsible for, both because busy noise, natural thought Yee and junran two adults will not agree.

Now in big trouble, talk over there, here's threats and promises, SI father found junran units led conversation.

SI Yee's father is junran leader boss, junran leadership carried live, had advised junran let go.

SI every day at work, father in the ideological beside bodyguards, surveillance look 's operations, so that the two were unable to meet.

Fine aftertaste the original had a dream in the night

3. listopadu 2011 v 1:50
Woke up this morning thinking found himself on the face of wet Buy World Of Warcraft Gold, his face covered with tears. SI put on a stern expression on a tear, feel a bit surprised, own what's wrong with this?

Fine aftertaste, the original had a dream in the night.

First love lovers have junran, heartbreaking appeared in a dream, a look of sadness, a look of exhaustion, a look of mournful.

SI was deeply in love with June and just looked dispirited, lonely sad station in front of SI , the mournful eyes, look at SI , SI infinite sadness, heartache to the sword.

Listen junran sad to tell various thoughts and after suffering, respectively, all sorts of misfortunes and saddened, look 's a flood of tears burst its banks spewing out.

It turns out that look thought had relief down's first love, so real, so it is difficult to leave.

This dream last night thinking to know, over the years, true love, how can easily put it down?

In fact, had he not stammer.

I do not know how to read tears turbulent shed eye cheek

3. listopadu 2011 v 1:48
Where I go to her work, but not her message, only know that she long ago has quit his job. Next, I wander in the city every day, to every corner find her shadow, in the place that she used to like, there are signs we place.Looked at that, she all flashed before my eyes. One day, a classmate found me Cheapest WOW Gold, gave me some of her things, including her last letter: "I have been unable to write to you again, this is the last words I leave, I am sure you will come back. I didn't tell you, when I found out that when cancer, also leaving three months of time to me, that's enough. But I do not regret it, to meet you, this is sufficient. I remember the day I found you, standing under the eaves you, when you face with sorrow, I do not know how I want to go to nearly any idea, as you walk around, I was so happy. When we meet again in the library, I believe that when God you are my fate,,,,,, in the time when we together, is difficult to forget the memories of my life, even if you separate the two, I will take this chance, always bless you. "

I do not know how to read, tears turbulent shed eye cheek, you know. I like you, when it comes to your time, I would have liked you, how much I hated that, I can't be with you this sentence "I like you. "

In front of Windows through a little bright moon shadow, cool Moonlight, bring my thoughts to faraway tianfang you, you're doing?