My happiness

11. října 2011 v 11:01
Miss, story of a long, long time ago, Miss you care about and look foolish idea, thinking of you and I'm happy to cut a short time, thinking maybe some time in the future meet in the most romantic places, and then walked past each other, remember forever.

Drink not the evening breeze, chrysanthemum and thin, one drunk mountain flute residual. Life we only most worried about friends but I cannot doubt worried about true I knew and this worried about supporting me today I knew has been very wayward why grow so tough.

Because, you, because I want to let you see the best of me, and for that I would like to pay efforts.

I wanted to do the best efforts of myself, happy to let you in order to have me as a friend, I would like to do my best to overcome all the difficulties, only to make you appreciate me most proud smile.

Perhaps the more I wanted to upgrade themselves in the crazy Chase, and in the end will not be forgotten you.

Too afraid of losing you, I choose to be strong, but too afraid of losing you, I chose to fall silent.

I fall silent in the face of your passion, because I am not sure your feelings, I don't want to say how deep I get, but I know, that would host too many memories, unwilling to put down the good times, would rather keep these wonderful things make beautiful memories in my life.

This life, I would like to most deeply in the Red dust, alone defends the aesthetic of the time. Fade away is a beautiful coat, true love was wearing, so no results are waiting to be old faces, and not the old is still the most true thoughts.

I know that this speaks for the memory of love, we all pay the most true love, and to that end under tremendous pain, together they die

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