Beginning to forget you are lonely avatar and linger in the memory of the edge

28. října 2011 v 4:19
Follow floating life gear, I was quietly staring at the other side of serene trails covered with a purple flower, felt dejected because, if memory can be a reality that year when the flowers I'm still so sad. Everything seemed like a dream, in haste, haste is not urgent then look back Cheap Aion Kina, it has gone, life is like a dream, like magic, such as morning fog twilight Chardonnay.

Beginning to forget you are lonely avatar and linger in the memory of the edge, more full of lonely aura. Purple wind chime sorrow irrigation off last autumn's dream, travels through the vast sea, suddenly wanted to find a harbour, pausing a weary heart, only to find that in this journey to contain too many feelings, that prevents you from stopping. Is the way to the wind and rain interprets all the vicissitudes, in between you and the shadows, I found this legacy of only slight sadness.

When you look back, everything is blown apart, memories like the silence in the swamp, a little bit of flooding, as a child, little dreams fly, turn into bubbles. Faded childhood naive romantic, young got the entire youth ignorance, many feelings spread throughout the summer, wind pan with a flood of thoughts floated through germination of dream in this floating yearning of the season, fading away. Have sailed the seven seas hard water, naive of innocent was years washing was white, only left a blank of memories, in rings in visited, all on like broken has line of kite, staggered, bury in world of a angle, time of washing, who also unwilling to then brought that falling of summer, is who first release who of hand, is who shear broken has led by with each other of line, is who in wind in the lost has direction, coming to an end Department, confused had, fear had also wandering had, just in now well-known amah rock of countless a night, I society has strong, society has with tears buried pain, Into our memory foam shades sky, everything we forget.

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